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Transgene S.A.

Drug Names(s): Ad-IL2, TG1024

Description: Transgene's Ad-IL2 (TG1024) for non-specific immunotherapy expresses the human interleukin-2 (IL2) cytokine, stimulating an antitumoral immunity. The product developed is a non-propagative adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) with nucleotidic sequence encoding human IL2.

TG1024 is a frozen suspension of AdTG13383 recombinant vector particles based on the human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) of subgroup C. This adenoviral strain only causes benign respiratory tract infections in humans. During the life cycle of the wild-type virus, viral genomic DNA does not integrate into the host chromosomes. Indeed, replication of virions, which occurs in the nucleus of infected cells, involves episomal genetic elements. Adenovirus-based vectors are therefore safe and do not present any risk of insertional mutagenesis. In addition, TG1024 was rendered replication-deficient by removal of early region 1 (E1), a segment of the viral genome which is indispensable for viral propagation. An expression cassette containing the human IL2 cDNA was inserted into the E1 region. TG1024 is also deleted of the non-essential E3 region.

TG1024's antitumoral activity relies on the secretion of human IL2 from tumor cells adenovirally-transduced with the nucleotidic sequence encoding the cytokine. IL2 is a natural immunostimulant produced in the body, whose antitumoral properties were demonstrated both in animals and in humans.

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