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AstraZeneca PLC

Drug Names(s): AZD3355

Description: AZD3355 is a GABA-B agonist that reduces transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations.

Deal Structure: AZD3355 was originally developed by AstraZeneca.

In February 2008, AstraZeneca announced that Merck has elected not to exercise the First Option related to the relinquishment of Mercks rights over the products not covered by the Partial Retirement of AstraZenecas and Mercks 1982 agreement. Products covered by the First Option include Entocort, Atacand and Plendil, and certain products still in development, including Brilinta, AZD3355, AZD6765 and AZD2327.

In March 2010, AstraZeneca notified Merck that it will exercise the First Option related to the relinquishment of Merck's rights to royalty payments from certain products in the United States.

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