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Biotest AG

Drug Names(s): BT062

Description: BT-062 is an immunoconjugate consisting of a monoclonal antibody, anti-CD138 chimerized MAb (nBT062), and a cytotoxic agent maytansine, DM4, with potential antitumor activity. Once bound to CD138 on a target cell, the conjugate is internalized and releases the maytansinoid agent DM4, which binds to tubulin, thereby affecting microtubule assembly/disassembly dynamics. As a result, this agent prevents cell division and reduces cell growth of cancer cells expressing the antigen. At present, CD138 represents one of the most reliable target antigens for identification of multiple myeloma (MM) cells and has been reported to be a highly sensitive and specific diagnostic marker of MM. BT-062 utilizes Immunogen's Tumor-Activated Prodrug (TAP) technology to specifically target a subset of cancer cells expressing a known antigen.

Deal Structure: In July 2006, Biotest licensed exclusive worldwide rights to use ImmunoGen's proprietary maytansinoid Tumor-Activated Prodrug (TAP) technology for the target of BT-062.

The agreement states that Biotest must pay ImmunoGen an initial fee of 1 million US dollars (just under 800,000 euro). Further payments are dependent on the achievement of defined milestones during the course of the development and registration process. The milestone payments potentially total a maximum of 35.5 million US dollars (approx. 28 million euro). In addition, ImmunoGen will receive royalties on the sales of any resulting products.

Immunogen has opt in rights for the development of BT-062 in the U.S. For the US market, ImmunoGen has the option of a 50% participation in the development and commercialization of the compound in exchange for a payment to Biotest of $5 million or $15 million US dollars, depending on the stage of clinical development. If this option is exercised, royalties on the sales in...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: ImmunoGen, Inc.

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