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Ophthotech Corp.

Drug Names(s): ARC1905, ARC-1905

Description: ARC1905 is a pegylated RNA aptamer. Anti-C5 aptamer ARC1905 inhibits C5, a central component of the complement cascade, whichplays multiple roles in innate immunity and inflammatory diseases. Inhibition of this key step inthe complement cascade at the level of C5 prevents the formation of key terminal fragments(C5a and C5b-9) regardless of which pathway (alternate, classical or lectin) induced theirgeneration. The C5a fragment is an important inflammatory activator inducing vascularpermeability, recruitment and activation of phagocytes. C5b-9 is involved in the formation of membrane attack complex (MAC: C5b-9), which initiates cell lysis. By inhibiting these C5-mediated inflammatory and MAC activities, therapeutic benefit may be achieved in both dry andwet AMD.

Deal Structure: ARC1905 was originally developed by Archemix.

In August 2007, Ophthotech licensed worldwide rights to all ophthalmic uses ofArchemix's proprietary aptamers (ARC186 and ARC1905) targeting the C5 component of thecomplement cascade. Specificterms related to the agreement have not been disclosed.

In November 2008, NitroMed and Archemix announced that the Companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Archemix will merge with NitroMed in an all-stock transaction. The name of the company will be changed to Archemix Corp.

In January 2009, NitroMed terminated its previously announced merger agreement with Archemix in accordance with the terms of those agreements, including the payment of termination fees.

Partners: Archemix Corp.

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