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Alchemgen Therapeutics, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Endostatin

Description: Endostatin is a recombinant formulation of an anti-angiogenic collagen cleavage product that is found naturally in the body. Preclinical studies in mice have been promising and the initial preclinical research from Dr. Judah Folkman's Harvard lab has now been replicated in other laboratories, Endostatin has been unable to translate that preclinical promise into clinical reality.

In preclinical studies, Endostatin was able to cause tumor shrinkage in mice. Importantly, tumors did not re-grow after Endostatin therapy was halted. This lack of a rebound effect is unusual in cancer therapy. Usually, a few tumors cells able to resist the treatment then grow back as a stronger, drug-resistant tumor.

Other laboratories initially had difficulty in reproducing the preclinical results. This trouble reproducing the initial preclinical findings was apparently due to difficulty in producing the active form of the Endostatin protein. For reasons that are still not fully understood, the activity of Endostatin formulations are short-lived.

Deal Structure: In February 2004, EntreMed transferred all rights and developmental responsibilities for endostatin and angiostatin to the Childrens Medical Center Corporation (CMCC) and Alchemgen Therapeutics. Under the agreement, CMCC and Alchemgen are continuing the development of endostatin and angiostatin and bear all expenses associated with the programs. In exchange, EntreMed receives upfront and future cash and royalty payments.

EntreMed and CASI
In June 2014, EntreMed announced that at its annual meeting of stockholders, stockholders voted in favor of changing the companys corporate name to CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Partners: CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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