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InDex Pharmaceuticals AB

Drug Names(s): DIMS 0150, DIMS-0150, DIMS0150, NF-kBp65 oligonucleotide, cobitolimod

Description: Kappaproct is a so called DIMS compound (“DNA-based immunomodulatory sequence”) and the immunommodulatory effect is brought about throughthe agonistic stimulation of Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9). TLR9, in humans mainly expressed in certain immuno-active cells, is one of the recently identified patternrecognition receptors that are part of the fast-responding innate immune system.

Deal Structure: Index and Serono
In February 2004, InDex Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement under which Serono receives exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize Kappaproct for the treatment of ulcerative colitis and potentially other inflammatory diseases.

In August 2006, Serono S.A. and InDex Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement under which Serono terminates the development of Kappaproct, and whereby InDex resumes the exclusive right to develop and commercialize the product. Under the terms of the agreement, Serono will receive certain undisclosed milestone and royalty payments in the future related to potential commercialization of the product.

Serono and Merck
In January 2007, the acquisition of Serono S.A. (now Merck Serono S.A.) by Merck KGaA and the integration of the business with the former Merck KGaA Ethicals Division was completed. Merck Serono is now the division of Merck KGaA which specializes in prescription pharmaceuticals. Its North American...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Merck KGaA

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