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Biogen, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Antegren, natalizumab, BG00002

Description: Tysabri is a humanized monoclonal antibody designed to block cell adhesion to blood vessel walls and subsequent migration of white blood cells into tissue. Tysabri binds to the cell surface integrins known as alpha-4-beta-1 (VLA-4) and alpha-4-beta-7, which are found on most types of white blood cells. The migration of white blood cells into tissue is part of the body's normal response during inflammation. This inflammatory response can be severely damaging or even life threatening when it is directed against the body's own tissue in autoimmune diseases and may cause serious collateral injury in chronic immune inflammatory diseases. In multiple sclerosis, the target tissue is the central nervous system, whereas in Crohn disease the target tissue is the gastrointestinal wall.

Deal Structure: Revenue splits are BioMedTracker estimates.

Domp and Biogen
A joint venture collaboration between Biogen and Domp began in 1997 as Biogen Domp in Italy and Switzerland. Initially, the joint ventures were responsible for the commercialization of Avonex. They were then expanded to include commercial, distribution and service rights for Tysabri upon the therapy's approval in each respective market.

In September 2011, Biogen Idec announced the company will acquire 100% of Domp shares in its joint ventures in both Italy and Switzerland.

Elan and Biogen
In August 2000, Biogen and Elan partnered to develop Tysabri worldwide. Elan signed a development and marketing collaboration agreementwith Biogen under which Elan and Biogen are collaborating in the development,manufacture and commercialisation of Tysabri. Under the terms of theagreement, Elan and Biogen share costs for ongoing development activities. In2000, Biogen paid a one-time, non-refundable license...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: PDL BioPharma, Inc. Perrigo Company PLC UCB SA DRI Capital Inc.

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