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The Medicines Company

Drug Names(s): CU2010

Description: CU2010 is an antifibrinolytic agent designed to limit blood loss during surgery. CU-2010 has a high affinity for and inhibits plasmin (Ki, 2 nM), to prevent break up of fibrin clots, and also inhibits coagulation factors Xa (Ki, 45 nM) and XIa (Ki, 18nM). It also has a high affinity for and inhibits plasma kallikrein (Ki < 1 nM), which is thought to be involved in leakage of fluid from the blood vessels into the tissues during on-pump cardiothoracic surgery (where blood is rerouted through a separate cardiopulmonary bypass machine). In preclinical studies, CU2010 has demonstrated a pharmacokinetic profile in the surgical setting with a rapid onset and offset of effect, due to its short half life.

Deal Structure: CU2010 was acquired by The Medicines Company through the acquisition of Curacyte Discovery GmbH in August 2008.

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