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FAAH Pharma Inc.

Drug Names(s): IPI-940

Description: IPI-940 is a selective, orally available inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH). The enzyme FAAH degrades anandamide, which is an endogenous cannabinoid that produces an analgesic effect in response to pain and nerve injury. FAAH inhibition increases the duration of anandamide's analgesic effect, prolonging pain relief at the site of release.

Deal Structure: Infinity and Mundipharma
In November 2008, Infinity Pharmaceuticals entered into a global strategic alliance with Purdue Pharmaceutical and Mundipharma.

Purdue and Mundipharma will have the right to assume development of the FAAH program at the conclusion of Phase I clinical studies by funding the research and development costs of the program through approval and paying a royalty of up to 20% to Infinity on global net sales.

In October 2010, Infinity Pharmaceuticals announced that Purdue Pharmaceutical and its independent associated company, Mundipharma, have exercised their right to assume worldwide development and commercialization activities for Infinity's fatty acid amide hydrolase, or FAAH, program. The decision reflects progress made in the development of IPI-940.

In July 2012, Infinity Pharmaceuticals announced it has restructured its strategic alliance with Mundipharma and Purdue Pharmaceutical by mutual agreement. With this restructuring,...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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