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Sydys Corporation, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Mannan Fusion Protein, MUC-1 , MUC1 Dendritic Cell Vaccine

Description: CVac consists of a patient’s own dendritic cells primed with a tumour antigen and adjuvant, MFP. MFP stands for 'mannan fusion protein' and refers to the form in which the target protein of the CVac immunotherapy is presented to the immune system. The mannan used is a chain of mannose molecules that is oxidized and linked to the cancer protein (mucin-1). Mannan stimulates the immune system and it is the mannan that results in rapid uptake of mucin-1 into the dendritic cells of the immune system via the mannose receptor on the cell surface. Once the MFP is inside the dendritic cell, enzymes digest the mucin-1 and fragments of mucin-1 are presented on the dendritic cell surface. This presentation results in stimulation of certain cells of the immune system to target mucin-1 on the surface of the cancer cells.

Deal Structure: Biomira and CancerVac
In March 2004, Biomira signed a commercial agreement for the development and commercialization with CancerVac in which Biomira will provide CancerVac with access to its licensed exclusive worldwide rights related to MUC1 in relation to CancerVacs Mannan-MUC1 fusion protein (MFP) therapeutic vaccine. The agreement provides that Biomira has the sole option of licensing the exclusive worldwide commercialization rights (excluding Australia and New Zealand) to the product candidate, or Biomira has an option to license the technology to Prima BioMed. Biomira has also acquired a 1.62 per cent equity stake in the parent company Prima BioMed.

Biomira and Prima
In February 2007, Prima negotiated a variation of its Licensing and Development Agreement with Biomira. The variation of the Licence confirms that Biomira will not be exercising the option to commercialise CVac outside of Australia and New Zealand. Under the varied License, milestone...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Cascadian Therapeutics, Inc. INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. Prima BioMed Ltd.

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