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Biogen, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Anti-CD80 mAb, Primatized anti-CD80, IDEC-114

Description: Galiximab (IDEC-114) is a monoclonal antibody that binds to CD80 (B7.1) on antigen-presenting cells. This initiates a cascade of molecular events leading to the diminution of T cell activation, a property of significant biological value in dampening inappropriate immune responses.

CD80 plays a role in immune system response by acting as a receptor for the CD28 protein found on T cells. IDEC-114 acts by binding to CD80 and reducing the likelihood that CD80 will interact with CD28, thus reducing the harmful immune system activity characteristic of autoimmune disorders. Specifically, the role of CD80 in psoriasis has been well documented.

IDEC-114 is a primatized antibody, meaning that it was produced in monkeys rather than mice. This theoretically makes the antibody less immunogenic than a mouse monoclonal antibody.

Deal Structure: In September 2001, Biogen entered into a collaborative development agreement with Mitsubishi Pharma to support clinical development of anti-CD80 (anti-B7.1) antibody products developed using Biogen's antibody technology. Under the terms of an existing license agreement with Mitsubishi Pharma, entered into in November 1993, Mitsubishi Pharma had an exclusive license in Asia to develop and commercialize anti-CD80 (anti-B7.1) antibody products. These agreements were terminated in December 2003. In October 2007, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation was formed by the merger of Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation.

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