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Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Drug Names(s): CTLA4Ig, abatacept, BMS-188667, ONO-4164

Description: Orencia is the first in a class of drugs known as co-stimulation blockers. Orencia is a soluble fusion protein that consists of the extracellular domain of human cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4) linked to the modified Fc portion of human immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1). Orencia inhibits T cell activation by binding to CD80 and CD86, which are costimulatory ligands of antigen-presenting cells, thereby blocking interaction with CD28. This blocks the costimulatory signal necessary for full activation of T lymphocytes.

Deal Structure: Revenue splits for this drug are BioMedTracker estimates.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) model for Orencia includes sales from juvenile RA.

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Repligen
April 2008: As a result of a patent related settlement for Orencia, Bristol-Myers Squibb will pay royalties on the U.S. net sales of Orencia for any clinical indication at a rate of 1.8% for the first $500,000,000 of annual sales, 2.0% for the next $500,000,000 of annual sales and 4% of U.S. annual sales in excess of $1 billion for each year from January 1, 2008 until December 31, 2013. The settlement also provides for the grant by Repligen and co-plaintiff the University of Michigan to Bristol-Myers Squibb of an exclusive worldwide license under certain patent rights of Repligen and the University of Michigan.

Bristol Myers-Squibb and Ono
In September 2011, Bristol Myers Squibb and Ono announced an agreement to co-develop and co-commercialize Orencia for rheumatoid arthritis in Japan. The...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Repligen Corp. Ono Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. Simcere Pharmaceutical Group

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