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MolMed S.p.A.

Drug Names(s): HSV-thymidine kinase suicide gene engineered donor lymphocytes infusion (TK-DLI), TBI-0301, Zalmoxis (EU), TK

Description: HSV-TK (Herpes simplex 1 virus-thymidine kinase and truncated low affinity nerve growth factor receptors tranfected donor lymphocytes) is a cell-based therapy enabling transplant of stem cells derived from the bone marrow ofpartially compatible donors, without T cell depletion or immune-suppression.

The HSV-TK gene is transduced into lymphocytes, which are derived from the donor of allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, in the ex vivo setting with the retrovirus vector (investigational new drug, HSV-TK gene therapy) and administrated into a patient.

Deal Structure: MolMed and Takara Bio
In 2003, Takara Bio and MolMed signed an alliance agreement under which Japanese and selected Asian rights to TK for haematological malignancies were out-licensed to Takara Bio. The partnership includes sharing of data on the clinical development of TK.

In March 2016, MolMed and Takara Bio agreed on discontinuing their collaboration on TK (Zalmoxis) by terminating all the related agreements, as Takara has not been able to produce the results planned by MolMed for the development and commercialization of the TK therapy in Asian countries. In particular, the termination concerns the Master Licence Agreement that MolMed and Takara signed in 2003, under which MolMed granted Takara an exclusive license on MolMeds know-how, data materials and patents related to TK.

Pursuant to the terms of this termination agreement, MolMed will regain all commercial rights of Zalmoxis in Asian territories that could further be transferred to other third...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

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