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FB Health S.p.A.

Drug Names(s): Cerebril, tramiprosate, 3APS, Vivimind

Description: Alzhemed is an oral small molecule that has been designed to interfere with the association between glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and Abeta amyloid protein. It is thus thought to prevent GAGs from promoting b-sheet and amyloid formation. Preventing amyloid formation and deposition in the brain can potentially modify the course of Alzheimer Disease (AD).

Alzhemed is expected to act on two levels: firstly to prevent and stop the formation and deposition of amyloid fibrils in the brain as well as to bind to soluble Abeta, and secondly to to inhibit the inflammatory response associated with amyloid build-up in AD.

After failure of its Phase III trial in Alzheimer's, Neurochem officials noted the drug was a derivative of algae, and they would seek to market it as a nutraceutical, with the tradename Vivimind.

Deal Structure: In April 2008, Neurochem adopted a new Company name, BELLUS Health.

In December 2011, BELLUS Health announced that it has signed an exclusive license and distribution agreement with Integris Pharma. Integris has secured the exclusive right to market and sell VIVIMIND in Greece and Cyprus.

BELLUS and FB Health
In October 2013, BELLUS licensed the worldwide rights to VIVIMIND to FB Health for a cash consideration of more than $2 million representing a premium of four times VIVIMIND revenues generated in 2012. The consideration is to be paid over the next four years. BELLUS will receive also receive an equity stake in FB Health, as well as royalties.

Partners: BELLUS Health Inc.

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