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Pharmaplaz, Ltd.

Drug Names(s): SP-01A

Description: SP-01A dose-dependently reduces the levels of the rate-limiting enzyme HMG-CoA reductase mRNA, leading to decreased intracellular cholesterol and corticosteroid biosynthesis. Reduction of intracellular cholesterol subsequently interferes with the ability of membrane microdomains or lipid rafts to organize cellular receptors and coreceptors, which optimally interferes with the viral envelope. As a result, viral envelope glycoproteins never undergo the conformational changes required to form the molecular scaffold presumed responsible for bringing the viral membrane close to the target cell membrane and triggering fusion.

Deal Structure: In March 2007, Samaritan Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaplaz, Ltd., a private Irish healthcare company, entered a collaboration to develop and commercialize SP-01A. Under the terms of the agreement, Samaritan is to receive $10 million upfront in two tranches. Pharmaplaz will be responsible for clinical development, clinical trial costs and manufacturing. Upon successful commercialization, Samaritan and Pharmaplaz will co-market SP-01A and will share 50-50 in its revenue royalty stream.

Partners: Samaritan Pharmaceuticals

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