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NexBio, Inc.

Drug Names(s): DAS181

Description: Fludase (DAS181) is a dry powder that is administered via oral inhalation. Fludase is a recombinant fusion protein that inactivates viral receptors on the cells of the human respiratory tract, thereby preventing influenza and other viruses such as parainfluenza from both infecting the human body and amplifying in already-infected individuals. Sialic acids on the surface of cells lining the human respiratory tract act as the host cell receptors for all influenza and parainfluenza viruses. Fludase works by cleaving the sialic acid on the airway epithelium, therefore preventing viral entry into cells.

DAS181 is a bifunctional fusion protein comprised of a sialidase linked to a polycationic sequence derived from human amphiregulin (hAR) that allows the molecule to target the sialidase enzymatic activity to negatively charged glycosaminoglycans, such as sialic acid.

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