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Halsa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Drug Names(s): zinc-alpha-2-glycoprotein

Description: ZAG is recombinant human zinc alpha-2 glycoprotein intended to increase ZAG levels in obese patients to normal levels. ZAG is an adipokine associated with fat loss in cancer cachexia. Initially ZAG was thought to originate only from tumors, but subsequent studies showed that it was also produced by white and brown adipose tissue, liver, heart, and lung.

Higher ZAG levels cause fat depletion, and lower levels allow fat accumulation. ZAG is thought to work through the ß3-adrenergic receptor (ß3-AR). It is unclear how much an effect this mechanism has in humans, as studies in human subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue show that ß3-AR plays a weaker role in lipolysis than in the rodent, where there is more brown fat, and that mobilization of lipids is mainly through the ß1- and ß2-AR. However, there are some mechanisms whereby ß3-AR may impact white adipose tissue as well.

Deal Structure: Halsa has exclusive intellectual property rights to this therapeutic.

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