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Allostera Pharma, Inc.

Drug Names(s): APG-2305

Description: APG2305 is an oral IL23-receptor inhibitor that targets an immune pathway which has recentlly been implicated as the principal regulator of autoimmune disease. By shutting off the signal from IL23, APG2305 aims to eliminate the body's primary method of maintaining autoimmune diseases.

APG2305 is an Allosteramer, a new class of potent, therapeutic drugs, with the potential to be orally bioavailable that are developed using Allostera's Module X platform technology. They are peptides modified to have exceptional drug properties such as favourable pharmacokinetics (length of time in the blood) and a predictable metabolic profile. Allosteramers have an allosteric mechanism, that is, they are not competitive with the natural compounds (ligands) that bind to receptors in the body, and have the potential for better efficacy and better selectivity for their targets than small molecules.

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