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Oleoyl Estrone

TG Therapeutics, Inc.

Drug Names(s): OE

Description: Oleoyl estrone (OE), a natural hormone, intervenes in the system that regulates body weight. Circulating levels of OE are directly related to the size of body fat stores: increases in these stores raise levels of this hormone, which is detected by the brain and interpreted as excessive fat accumulation. The brain then sends hormonal and nerve-carried signals which induce decreases in fat accrual and increase heat production, thus burning excess fat until the signal (i.e. OE levels) matches the established regulatory limit. Conversely, excessively low levels of OE induce the opposite response: lower heat production, and enhanced fat deposition and increased appetite.

When given orally, OE acts on the brain centres that regulate body weight, informing the brain of the presence of excess fat. This fat is then removed through the normal physiological pathways the body uses to maintain its reserves: excess fat is converted into heat and food intake diminishes naturally, without the need for diets or exercise.

Deal Structure: In April 2012, Manhattan Pharmaceuticals filed a Certificate of Amendment to its Certificate of Incorporation to change its name from Manhattan Pharmaceuticals to TG Therapeutics.

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