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Urocortin 2

Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Stresscopin Related Peptide, NBI-69734

Description: Urocortin 2 is a recently discovered endogenous 38 amino acidpeptide ligand of the CRF-R2 receptor present in the cardiovascular system, notably the heart and cerebral arterial system.

Early biochemical and pharmacological studies in several mammalian species have demonstrated pharmacological activity on multiple pathways involved with the control of hemodynamic status and cardioprotection. Urocortin 2 is thought to have effects on preload (the amount of tension on the heart muscles before they begin to contract, determined by the volume of the blood in the heart before contraction) and afterload (the amount of tension in the heart muscles that needs to build up before they can contract, as determined by the pressure in the arteries). Preclinical studies have also found an increase in inotropy (contractility) and lusitropy (relaxation) of the heart, but also an increase in arrhythmogenesis, though it is not clear to what extent these may apply at clinical doses.

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