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Eleison Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Drug Names(s): D-19575, D19575

Description: Glufosfamide combines the active part of an approved alkylator (ifosfomide), a member of a widely used class of chemotherapy drugs, with a glucose molecule. Because of its glucose component and a tumor cell's increased need for glucose, Glufosfamide may be preferentially transported into tumors compared to most normal tissues. Thus Metabolic Targeting offers the potential to provide increased selectivity for tumor cells and thereby improve the treatment of many solid tumors.

Inside cells, the linkage between glucose and the alkylator is cleaved to release the active drug. With glucose as the side product, Glufosfamide has fewer side effects than other drugs in its class, which are known to cause hemorrhagic cystitis, a serious condition characterized by severe bladder bleeding.

Deal Structure: Baxter and Threshold
In August 2003, Threshold entered into an agreement with Baxter International and Baxter Healthcare, or together, Baxter, for the licensing and development of glufosfamide. Under this agreement, Threshold has an exclusive worldwide license and/or sublicense under Baxter's patent rights, proprietary information, and know-how relating to glufosfamide to develop and commercialize products containing glufosfamide for the treatment of cancer. Baxter's patent rights include one issued United States patent and 24 foreign counterparts related to glufosfamide, as well as one foreign patent related to its manufacture.

In consideration for the licenses under this agreement, Threshold paid an upfront license fee of $100,000 and development milestone payments of $100,000 and $1.3 million. They are obligated to make certain additional development milestone payments, with the next such payment of $1.0 million due in connection with the filing of a new drug...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: MediBIC Group Baxter International Inc. Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Daewoong Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.

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