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Tenax Therapeutics, Inc.

Drug Names(s): levosimendan

Description: Simdax binds to troponin-C, which regulates cardiac muscle contraction, and sensitises the contractile proteins to intracellular calcium without increasing the influx of calcium into the cardiac myocytes. As a result, cardiac performance is improved with no increase in oxygen consumption.

Simdax also induces peripheral and coronary vasodilation, by opening ATP-sensitive potassium channels.

In vitro, Simdax is a selective phosphodiesterase III inhibitor, though the relevance of this at therapeutic concentrations is unclear. Phosphodiesterase III increases intra-cellular cyclic AMP, thereby increasing the concentration of intracellular calcium, with a concomitant positive inotropic effect.

Deal Structure: Orion and Abbott
In February 1998, Orion licensed to Abbott worldwide rights to market, sell and distribute injectable Simdax, with the exception of the Nordic countries and certain European territories. Orion will manufacture the product. Both companies will collaborate on product development for additional indications. The clinical trials and related costs required for regulatory approvals in Japan will be carried out by Abbott. The agreement also provides Abbott with an option for the orally administered product, which is currently in early-stage development. Abbott will provide Orion with an up-front payment of $2.5 million upon execution of the agreement, and additional milestone payments upon the submission of regulatory applications and the achievement of approvals by the European Union, United States and Japanese health authorities. Orion's Simdax net sales are determined as a percentage of the product wholesale price to Abbott.

Under an agreement signed in May...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: AbbVie Inc. Orion Corporation Phyxius Pharma, Inc.

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