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Entasis Therapeutics

Drug Names(s): AZD0914, AZD-0914, GyrAR, AZD0914

Description: ETX0914 is a benzisoxazole DNA gyrase inhibitor with activity against some species of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

ETX0914, the first of a new class of antibacterial agent targeted for the treatment of gonorrhea, operates by a novel mode-of-inhibition against bacterial type II topoisomerases. Incorporating an oxazolidinone on the scaffold mitigated toxicological issues often seen with topoisomerase inhibitors. Organisms resistant to other topoisomerase inhibitors were not cross-resistant with ETX0914 nor were spontaneous resistant mutants to ETX0914 cross-resistant with other topoisomerase inhibitor classes, including the widely used fluoroquinolone class.

Deal Structure: AstraZeneca and Entasis
In February 2015, AstraZeneca announced that the Company will create a stand-alone subsidiary Company, focused exclusively on the research and development of its early-stage antibiotic pipeline, including AZD0914. AstraZeneca will invest $40 million in the new Company.

In July 2015, Entasis Therapeutics debuted with the Company's portfolio, including ETX0914, and announced the Company received $40 million in Series A funding from the AstraZeneca in March 2015.

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