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Bayer AG

Drug Names(s): epothilone sagopilone; SH-Y03757A; ZK-Epothilone; ZK-219477

Description: ZK-EPO is the only fully synthetic epothilone that was designed to overcome multidrug resistance and to combine high efficacy with an improved therapeutic window. Epothilones are a novel class of cytotoxic agents considered to have the potential to replace the taxane class of chemotherapy agents to treat various cancers. Epothilones inhibit cancer cells by halting cell replication in a similar manner as taxanes. Unlike taxanes, however, epothilones appear to be able to evade some of the cancer cells drug-resistance mechanisms that deprive many cancer therapies of their long-term effectiveness. ZK-EPO is a highly potent microtubule stabilizer that preferentially accumulates in the nucleus of cells, predominantly affecting tumor cells, and is not recognized by drug efflux pumps. Microtubules are composed of regular arrays of the protein tubulin and are essential for tumor cell division, the disruption of which is a key anti-cancer strategy.

Deal Structure: In 2006, Bayer acquired Schering AG.


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