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Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Drug Names(s): C-31-G, C31G vaginal gel, glyminox

Description: Applied intravaginally via a pre-filled applicator prior to each act of intercourse, Savvy is believed to disrupt sperm cell activity as well as STD-causing pathogen activity, thereby effectively providing protection against pregnancy and also preventing the transmission of certain STDs. Savvy is a gel that is part of a class of drugs known as microbicides. It contains two surface-active compounds, cetylbetaine and myristamineoxide. Savvy has activity against a number of STD pathogens, because it binds to the surface of a microorganism, causing an irreversible disruption of the phospholipid membrane and resulting in destruction of the cell.

Deal Structure: Cellegy Pharmaceuticals obtained rights to Savvy with the October 2004 acquisition of Biosyn, Inc.

Cellegy stated in April 2007 that while it retains the commercial and technological rights to Savvy (with respect to the United States and other developed countries), it is not directly involved with the oversight and funding. CONRAD, through its agreement entered into with Cellegy in January 2006, has undertaken a portion of the funding and oversight responsibilities in exchange for access to Biosyns current and past research and related technological intangibles.

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