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Wilson Therapeutics AB

Drug Names(s): bis-choline tetrathiomolybdate, Decuprate

Description: WTX101 is the proprietary bis-choline salt of tetrathiomolybdate (TTM), a novel de-coppering agent. TTM selectively forms high stability complexes with copper and proteins. These complexes are then primarily excreted via the bile, restoring the normal excretion route of copper that is impaired in patients with Wilson Disease. (Older approved options form unstable complexes with copper and other metals, like iron and zinc, and are excreted via urine.)

The company hopes that by rapidly binding and controlling copper in stable complexes, TTM may reduce the risk of mobilizing and transiently increasing the levels of free copper in patients starting de-coppering therapy. Since transient increases in free copper after initiation of therapy may be involved in causing tissue damage, especially in the central nervous system, the company is also hoping that improved control of copper will, in addition to improving control of the disease, reduce the risk of neurological deterioration after initiation of treatment in patients with neurological disease.

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