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Armetheon, Inc.

Drug Names(s): ATI-2042

Description: ATI-2042 was engineered to be a drug with the same efficacy as amiodarone for atrial fibrillation, but with reduced side effects. It has a more rapid onset of action, less tissue accumulation, and more rapid elimination from the body than amiodarone. While amiodarone's action involves a number of mechanisms, consistent with classes I through IV of the Vaughan Williams antiarrythmic system, the pre-eminant one is class III, or an effect on potassium efflux from heart cells. Specifically, it inhibits the rapid component of the delayed potassium rectifier. Amiodarone also is a non-competitive alpha and beta adrenergic inhibitor. Amiodarone delays repolarization of heart cells and increases the duration of the action potential, so the cell is refractory to premature stimulation that comes with arrhythmias.

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