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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

Drug Names(s): flecainide acetate

Description: Tambocor is a class Ic antiarrythmic agent (see below), which decrease intracardiac conduction but have a minimal effect on the duration of the electrical impulse (action potential). Class Ic agents have the most potent sodium channel blocking effects of all class I agents.

The Vaughan Williams Classification is as follows: I (blocks sodium channel; subclasses based on their effect on action potential duration), II (blocks beta-adrenergic receptors), III (blocks potassium efflux), IV (blocks L-type calcium channels, affecting conduction through the AV node between the upper and lower chambers of the heart), V (other).

Deal Structure: Tambocor was developed by 3M Pharmaceuticals. In Japan, joint clinical trials were begun in 1984 with 3M Pharmaceuticals and Eisai, and the oral formulation of TAMBOCOR was launched in Japan in 1991.

Meda and 3M European Pharmaceutical Divisions (Aldara, Minitran, and Tambocor)
In November 2006, Meda acquired 3Ms European pharmaceutical division, which consisted mainly of Aldara, Minitran, and Tambocor.

Graceway and 3M US, Canada, Latin America Pharmaceutical Operations
In December 2006, Graceway Pharmaceuticals acquired 3M's pharmaceuticals operations in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Under the agreement, Graceway Pharmaceuticals will acquire exclusive regional marketing and intellectual property rights to 3M's branded pharmaceuticals.

Medicis and Graceway
In November 2011, Medicis announced that it was the successful bidder at a bankruptcy auction conducted by Graceway Pharmaceuticals for...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Eisai Co., Ltd. Mylan Inc.

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