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Nektar Therapeutics

Drug Names(s): Amphotericin B Inhalation Powder

Description: Amphotericin B is a potent, broad spectrum, fungicidal drug for fighting fungal infections, limited only by its systemic toxicities. The Nektar Amphotericin B inhalation powder product enables the inhalation of a therapeutic concentration of Amphotericin B directly to the lungs, at levels similar to or greater than the lung concentrations achieved by intravenous dosing of Amphotericin B or lipid-associated Amphotericin B products. Amphotericin B binds to sterols, preferentially to the primary fungal cell membrane sterol, ergosterol. This binding disrupts osmotic integrity of the fungal membrane, resulting in leakage of intracellular potassium, magnesium, sugars, and metabolites and then cellular death. The mechanism of action is the same for all the preparations and is due to the intrinsic antifungal activity of Amphotericin B.

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