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SIGA Technologies, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Arestvyr, SIGA-246, ST-246, tecovirimat

Description: SIGA-246 is a novel, orally active, antiviral therapeutic designed for the induction of specific cellular, humoral and mucosal immune responses against a limited set of poxvirus antigens that are known to provide protective immunity.

Poxviruses produce two types of infectious virus particles, intracellular mature virus (IMV) and extracellular envelope virus (EEV). Any effective vaccine must induce protective immunity against components specific to each. SIGA is utilizing several IMV- and EEV-specific antigens that are known to induce protective responses. These have been engineered into live recombinant Gram-positive bacterial commensal vectors.

Deal Structure: ST-246 was originally developed by SIGA Technologies.

PharmAthene and SIGA
In September 2011, a Delaware court ruled that once SIGA earns $40 million in net profits or margin from net sales of ST-246, PharmAthene shall be entitled to 50% of all net profits from such sales thereafter for a period from entry of this judgment until the expiration of ten years following the first commercial sale of any product derived from ST-246.

The Court's decision in favor of PharmAthene found that SIGA is liable to PharmAthene for breach of SIGA's contractual obligations to negotiate an exclusive license agreement to ST-246 in good faith.

In June 2012, the Delaware Court of Chancery has issued its final judgment in the Company's litigation against SIGA. The Court awarded PharmAthene 50% of the net profits over a period of ten years from all sales of SIGA's ST-246 and related products, after SIGA receives the first $40 million in net profits. First commercial sale shall be deemed...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: PharmAthene, Inc.

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