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Pleconaril (intranasal)

Merck & Co., Inc.

Drug Names(s): Intranasal Picovir

Description: Pleconaril is an antiviral drug that has activity against picornaviruses (rhinoviruses and enteroviruses), the predominant cause of the common cold. Pleconaril blocks viral uncoating and attachment by binding into a hydrophobic pocket withing the viral capsid.

The intranasal formulation of pleconaril represents an new delivery approach for this compound, as compared to the earlier oral formulation for which ViroPharma filed an NDA in 2001. This oral formulation received a non-approvable letter in May 2002.

Deal Structure: Sanofi and ViroPharma
In 1995, ViroPharma licensed rights to develop and commercialize intranasal pleconaril in the United States and Canada from Sanofi-Synthelabo.

ViroPharma and Schering-Plough
In November 2003, ViroPharma and Schering-Plough entered into an option agreement to license intranasal pleconaril to Schering-Plough for the treatment of the common cold in the United States and Canada. Under terms of the agreement, Schering-Plough will pay ViroPharma an upfront option fee of $3 million and ViroPharma will conduct characterization studies of intranasal pleconaril.

In August 2004, Schering-Plough exercised its option to license pleconaril for the treatment of the common cold in the United States and Canada. Under the agreement, Schering-Plough will assume responsibility for all future development and commercialization of the antiviral compound pleconaril. Schering-Plough will pay ViroPharma an initial license fee of $10 million. ViroPharma...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Shire Pharmaceuticals Group PLC Sanofi

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