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Spero Therapeutics, LLC

Drug Names(s): SPR 741, SPR-741

Description: Only Gram-negative bacteria have an outer membrane. The outer leaflet of this membrane is comprised of highly polar and negatively charged lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and represents a permeability barrier for many antibiotics. This LPS barrier constitutes a great impediment to the discovery of Gram-negative antimicrobials.

SPR741 is a derivative of the compound Polymyxin B, which interacts with phospholipids to disrupt the cell membrane structure. Unlike the parent molecule, Polymyxin B, which is an antibiotic itself, the potentiator molecule is not designed to cause bacterial cell death on its own, but rather in combination with another antimicrobial. The increase in permeability induced by SPR741 allows antibiotics that were designed for Gram-positive bacteria antibiotics to enter and kill Gram-negative cells.

SPR741 is designed to improve potency and enhance utility of existing and new antimicrobials.

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