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Shigella Vaccine (Immuron)

Immuron Ltd

Drug Names(s): Shigella vaccine

Description: This is a Shigella specific bovine immunoglobulin product utilizing Immunron's oral immunotherapy platform and antigens identified by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Polyclonal antibodies are produced by vaccinating pregnant cows with specific antigens and harvesting colostrum upon calving. The products are suitable for oral administration and are not destroyed in the stomach.

Compared with normal cow’s milk, bovine colostrum contains increased concentrations of immunoglobulins (mainly IgG) and other physically protective milk proteins. IgGs are not absorbed into the blood and act in the lumen against bacterial antigens. Polyclonal antibodies have the ability to target antigens in a less specific manner which improves their efficacy in the case of mutating bacteria.

Deal Structure: Immuron is developing the Shigella vaccine with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR).

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