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Amgen, Inc.

Drug Names(s): T900607

Description: T607 is a T67 analog that does not cross the blood brain barrier. This feature, and other aspects of its different tissue distribution profile, may lessen the compound’s comparative toxicity profile. T607’s preclinical activity has been observed in a broad spectrum of tumors, with the most compelling effects being seen for tumor xenografts resistant to vinorelbine, doxorubicin, and paclitaxel.

T67 and T607’s mechanism of action includes targeting b-tubulin, a component of microtubules crucial to cell division. Other agents targeting the microtubule apparatus, such as vincristine and paclitaxel, operate by different mechanisms. Ample experimental evidence exists showing that tumors acquire resistance to the various tubulin active chemotherapy agents via an array of molecular multidrug resistance (MDR) startegies. In preclinical experiments, the drugs retain activity against tumors and cell lines that have acquired MDR.

Deal Structure: Tularik retains all rights to develop and market T607. On May 21, 3002, Tularik partnered with Amgen to develop cancer drugs not including T67 and T607.

Amgen acquired T607 on August 13, 2004 through Amgen's acquisition of Tularik.

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