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Plasma Purified Human Plasminogen - Wound Healing

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.

Drug Names(s): Plasma Purified Human Plasminogen

Description: Plasminogen is a naturally occurring protein that is synthesized by the liver and circulates in the blood. Activated plasminogen, plasmin, is an enzymatic component of the fibrinolytic system and is the main enzyme involved in the lysis of clots and clearance of extravasated fibrin.

Deal Structure: Omnio and Prometic
In November 2015, ProMetic Life Sciences announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Omnio. Under the agreement, ProMetic has secured exclusive license rights to both issued and pending patents for the use of plasminogen related to wound healing. The agreement also provides ProMetic access to extensive preclinical data as well as unique proof of concept efficacy data in patients. Hard-to-treat wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers affect millions of patients in the United States and represent annual incremental healthcare costs as high as US$13 Billion. The research collaboration will be funded by ProMetic and all arising intellectual property will be owned by ProMetic. The financial terms of this agreement were not disclosed.

Partners: Omnio AB

Plasma Purified Human Plasminogen - Wound Healing News

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