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BioNTech/Genentech mRNA Cancer Vaccine

BioNTech AG

Description: BioNTech and Genentech will develop, manufacture and commercialize novel messenger RNA (mRNA)-based, individualized cancer vaccines. The vaccines will target neoantigens, based upon BioNTech’s Individualized Vaccines Against Cancer (IVAC) MUTANOME clinical platform for the potential treatment of multiple cancers. A patient’s cancer genome can be sequenced with next generation technology to define a spectrum of unique mutations known as “neoantigens” or “neoepitopes” present in a particular patient’s tumor (the “mutanome”). An mRNA vaccine encoding selected neoepitopes can be manufactured for each individual tumor’s mutanome signature, which may trigger an immune response specific to the tumor resulting in targeted cancer cell death.

Deal Structure: BioNTech and Roche
In September 2016, BioNTech announced that it will enter into a worldwide strategic collaboration with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, to develop, manufacture and commercialize novel messenger RNA (mRNA)-based, individualized cancer vaccines. The collaboration will combine Genentechs cancer immunotherapy portfolio and research program with BioNTechs proprietary mRNA cancer vaccine technology platform, and personalized medicine expertise. Under the terms of the agreement Genentech will pay BioNTech $310 million in upfront and near-term milestone payments. The two companies will equally share all development costs and any potential profits for certain programs under the agreement. BioNTech has the right to co-promote certain products that arise from the agreement in the United States and certain countries, including Germany and other major European markets. Under certain circumstances, BioNTech may have sole commercialization rights for other...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Roche Holding AG

BioNTech/Genentech mRNA Cancer Vaccine News

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