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Quest PharmaTech Inc.

Drug Names(s): Oregovomab, OvaRex MAb-B43.13

Description: OvaRex is a monoclonal antibody. OvaRex targets the tumor antigen CA-125 and is designed to function as a cancer vaccine. CA-125 is a surface glycoprotein antigen that is expressed on more than 95% of all nonmucinous stage III/IV epithelial ovarian carcinomas and occurs at elevated levels in the serum of patients with ovarian cancer. OvaRex is thought to induce altered antigen processing of CA-125, making CA-125 a target for immune recognition and tumor-directed immunity.

Deal Structure: ViRexx, United Therapeutics and Paladin
ViRexx licensed to United Therapeutics Corporation exclusive rights for development and commercialization of OvaRex MAb and four other monoclonal antibodies worldwide, but ViRexx retained rights to most member nations of the European Union and certain other countries. ViRexx has established strategic relationships with, Medison Pharma, Ltd. and Genesis Pharma S.A. for certain European and Middle-East Countries.

In November 2006, ViRexx entered into a Licensing and Supply Agreement and a Securities Purchase Agreement Sigma-Tau for the manufacturing, licensing and distribution of OvaRex MAb to its remaining unlicensed European territories, which include the U.K., Ireland, France, Sweden, Finland and other countries. Sigma-tau will manufacture and supply OvaRex MAb for all of ViRexx's European licensing partners. The agreement results in a net effective royalty of approximately 25% to ViRexx Ireland on net sales of OvaRex MAb in the...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Sigma-Tau S.p.A. Medison Pharma Ltd. GENESIS Pharma Endo International plc

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