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NanoEmulsion Diclofenac

Pharmos Corporation

Drug Names(s): NanoEmulsion Diclofenac

Description: NanoEmulsion Diclofenac is a topical cream designed using Pharmos' NanoEmulsion technology. NanoEmulsion technology consists of an efficient solvent-free topical vehicle based on drug entrapment in stable, submicron particles of oil-in-water emulsions with a mean droplet size between 100 and 200 nm that are uniformly dispersed in an aqueous phase. One of the unique characteristics of the NanoEmulsion technology is the relatively high percentage of total particle volume occupied by the internal hydrophobic oil core of the droplets. This provides high solubilization capacity for lipophilic compounds compared to other lipoidal vehicles such as liposomes. Viscosity-imparting agents are used for NanoEmulsion thickening to produce creams with the desired semisolid consistency for application to the skin.

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