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Drug Names(s): pilaralisib, XL147

Description: XL147 selectively targets PI3K.

Upregulation of PI3K activity is one of the most common characteristics of human tumor cells and can result from activation of growth factor receptors, mutational activation or amplification of the PI3K gene, activating mutations in the PI3K gene, downregulation of the phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) lipid phosphatase or activating mutations in RAS. Activation of PI3K results in stimulation of AKT and mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) kinases, resulting in promotion of tumor cell growth and survival. This survival signal plays a significant role in conferring resistance to chemo- and radio-therapy by inhibiting apoptotic cell death.

Deal Structure: XL147 was originally developed by Exelixis.

In May 2009, Sanofi-aventis and Exelixis announced a global license agreement for XL147 and XL765 and an exclusive collaboration for the discovery of inhibitors of phosphoinositide-3 kinase (PI3K) for the management of solid malignancies. Under the license agreement, sanofi-aventis will have an exclusive worldwide license to XL147 and XL765. Sanofi-aventis will have sole responsibility for all subsequent clinical, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial activities. Exelixis will participate in ongoing and potential future clinical trials.

Under the exclusive discovery collaboration, sanofi-aventis and Exelixis will combine research efforts to establish several preclinical programs related to isoform-selective inhibitors of PI3K. Sanofi-aventis will have sole responsibility for all subsequent clinical, regulatory, commercial and manufacturing activities of the products that result from the collaboration. However, Exelixis may be...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Exelixis, Inc. Merck KGaA

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