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Genta, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Oblimersen sodium, G3139

Description: Genasense is an antisense drug that inhibits production of the Bcl-2 protein, a fundamental anti-apoptotic factor that protects many tumor cells from programmed cell death. Bcl-2 is known to mediate several pathways that allow cancer cells to stay alive indefinitely. Bcl-2 overexpression in cancer cells is associated with resistance to agents that otherwise destroy cancer cells such as chemotherapeutics and radiation. By making cancer cells generally more sensitive to killing by both natural mechanisms and by chemotherapy or radiotherapy (chemosensitization and radiosensitization), Genasense has the potential to treat a broad range of cancers in combination with many types of therapy.

Deal Structure: In April 2002, Genta and Aventis partnered to develop Genasense. Genta and Aventis agreed to jointly develop and commercialize Genasense in the U.S., and Aventis agreed to have exclusive development and marketing rights outside of the U.S. Aventis agreed to pay 75% of NDA-directed development costs incurred and 100% of all other development, marketing, and sales costs incurred within the U.S. and elsewhere.

Genta received a $10 million licensing fee, $75 million in convertible debt ($65 million of which is contingent on Genasense achieving certain clinical milestones), a $75 million equity payment, and the potential for $40 million in cash prior to Genasense's first approval, and $280 million in cash after Genasense is approved. The two companies agreed to split U.S. revenue from Genasense roughly equally. Aventis agreed to market the drug in non-U.S. markets and Genta agreed to receive a royalty.

In November 2004, Genta received from Aventis notice of termination of the...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: Clinigen Group plc

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