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Mast Therapeutics, Inc.

Drug Names(s): ANX-530, vinorelbine emulsion

Description: ANX-530 is a novel emulsion formulation of vinorelbine tartrate. This new formulation emulsifies vinorelbine into a homogeneous suspension of nanoparticles, and is designed to protect the venous endothelium from coming into direct contact with the drug and therefore reduce associated vein irritation caused by the drug. Vinorelbine works by disrupting microtubule formation and is a member of the class of antineoplastic drugs known as vinca alkaloids, agents that inhibit cellular replication and ultimately cause cellular death.

Deal Structure: In April 2005, Adventrx and SD Pharmaceuticals entered into a License Agreement under which SD Pharma granted to Adventrx an exclusive license under certain patent rights and other intellectual property rights to make, use, sell, offer for sale or import any vinca alkaloid drug composition or product that is covered by the intellectual property rights licensed under the License Agreement (including ANX-530) within the United States of America. Adventrx is obligated pursuant to the License Agreement to pay to SD Pharma various set milestone payments and, if Licensed Products are ultimately developed and approved for commercial sale, royalty payments on net sales of vinca alkaloid drug compositions or products that are covered by the intellectual property rights. The License Agreement also provides that Adventrx pay to SD Pharma a percentage of any fee it may receive from sublicensing Adventrxs rights under the License Agreement. In addition, Adventrx is obligated under the License...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

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