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Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Drug Names(s): DCVax-L (lysate)

Description: DCVax is a platform technology applicable to multiple cancers. It combines a patient’s own dendritic cells (DC) with cancer related proteins, or antigens, to induce immune responses against a patient’s cancer cells. The dendritic cells are generated from precursor monocytes obtained through a single leukapheresis. The precursor cells are transformed using growth factors, and then matured using a maturation factor.

DCVax-L (lysate) was designed to use the DCVax platform in combination with patient specific tumor lysate. Thus, following surgery the tumor is prepared as a lysate for loading into autologous dendritic cells. The patient's tumor lysate contains cancer specific biomarkers, which will be added to the patient's own dendritic cells and subsequently injected back into the patient to elicit a cancer specific immune response.

DCVax-L may be complemented by administration of low doses of certain existing approved drugs to help improve the immune system environment, as well as by adoptive transfer of patients' DCVax-L primed T cells.

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