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Vernalis Group plc

Drug Names(s): V10153, BB-10153

Description: V10153 is a dual-acting, thrombolytic and 'antithrombotic' agent - an engineered form of human plasminogen which has been altered so that it is activated to plasmin by thrombin, rather than by the natural plasminogen activators. Thrombin-activatable plasminogen is an approach to thrombolysis in which thrombin, the key enzyme involved in blood clot formation, is utilised to initiate clot destruction. Although the coagulation cascade and the fibrinolytic systems are functionally separate, thrombin-activatable plasminogen circumvents the physiological haemostatic mechanisms and selectively induces lysis of newly forming thrombi, effectively hijacking the natural blood clotting system to initiate the destruction of blood clots. A key feature of the thrombin-activatable plasminogen concept is that it takes advantage of the fact that active thrombin is only found at the sites of ongoing clotting.

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