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Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

Drug Names(s): yttrium-huJ591 and lutetium-huJ591

Description: J591 is a humanized monoclonal antibody that targets the prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) protein on the prostate cancer cell surface. Millennium and BZL are developing conjugates of J591 with both radioactivity (MLN591RL) and to chemotherapy (MLN2704) to make the antibody a more potent tumor cell killer. The systemic toxicities of more potent chemotherapy and radiation are minimized by the construct’s ability to specifically target cancer cells. Radioisotopes such as lutetium and yttrium have been used in patients with metastatic, hormone and chemotherapy-refractory prostate cancer.

In animal models of prostate cancer, naked J591 has demonstrated considerable efficacy. It also has been used as an imaging and therapeutic targeting agent for primary and metastatic tumors in patients with prostate and other cancers.

Deal Structure: J591, the parent antibody of MLN2704, was developed by BZL Biologics, which partnered with Millennium in April 2001 to develop MLN591RL and other constructs that use the J591 antibody.

In April 2008, Takeda Pharmaceutical and Millennium Pharmaceuticals announced that they entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which Takeda will acquire Millennium for approximately $8.8 billion through a cash tender offer of $25.00 per share. The acquisition closed in May 2008.

Partners: BZL Biologics, LLC

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