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Vical, Inc.

Drug Names(s): Allovectin-7, velimogene aliplasmid

Description: Allovectin-7 is a DNA plasmid/lipid complex containing the DNA sequences encoding HLA-B7 and ß2 microglobulin, which together form a Major Histocompatibility Complex, or MHC, Class I antigen. This type of antigen can trigger a potent immune response against foreign tissues, such as that seen in organ transplant rejections. Allovectin-7 is injected directly into tumors, and is designed to make malignant cells more visible to the immune system. The treatment may trigger an immune response against tumor cells, both locally and systemically, by enabling the immune system to recognize other features of tumor cells.

A detailed review of the Allovectin mechanism of action has been published.

Deal Structure: In May 2006, Vical and AnGes MG announced a collaborative agreement for Allovectin-7. Under the agreement, AnGes is providing up to $100 million in ongoing clinical trial funding and future sales-based milestones as Allovectin-7 is successfully commercialized. Vical retains exclusive marketing rights for Allovectin-7 in the United States and the rest of the world outside of specified Asian countries, for which AnGes received exclusive rights.

AnGes pay Vical royalties on product sales in the specified Asian countries, plus the above-mentioned milestones as defined sales levels are achieved. Vical pays AnGes tiered royalties based on defined sales levels in the United States, and fixed royalties on rest-of-world sales. Each company is responsible for obtaining regulatory approvals in any countries where it plans to market Allovectin-7.

In July 2009, Vical entered into an exclusive agreement with a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, for sales and marketing of...See full deal structure in Biomedtracker

Partners: AnGes MG

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